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Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries in 2017

Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries in 2017: Paying tax in any country is a form of making a nation dependent. An important activity or practice should be performed by many countries worldwide. Level of taxing in various countries is not same and various from one to another. Developed countries have highest rate of paying tax while non-developed countries pay little amount of money as tax. Countries with highest tax paying rate are studied in list below.

List of Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries in 2017

1. Aruba

Aruba is a small island, which is located in coastal parts of Venezuela. Climate and weather condition of this place is not supportive at all to agricultural practices. This is one reason why resident of this island are commanded to pay high rate of tax. Fruits of this command have bared a lot of fruits since it is a dependent country that buys nothing in depth.

2. Japan

This is another popular and successful country located in Asia. Level of tax collecting in Japan is high compared to those rated in different positions above. Maximum percentage of tax collected in Japan is approximated to 68% while lowest is 15%. Employees have to tax their salaries before their salaries before using it for their personal needs. Japan is second highest in paying tax.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is rated in second position of this article and is amongst highest tax paying countries featured in this useful document. There are 64 million inhabitants. United Kingdom is therefore 22nd in population worldwide. Resources of this wonderful country are exported to needy nations worldwide.

4. Finland

Finland is popular ad is located to the northern part of Europe. It has appeared in many lists and completion for various reasons. As for today, we are only trying to look at the rate of taxing in this country. Information from research shows that it is amongst highest tax paying counties worldwide. In 1995, percentage of paying tax in Finland was estimated to be 62%. Finland is never a borrower of anything from any specific country. It is developed and depends on its own revenues. Finland exports mineral good to other countries such as United States of America.

5. Ireland

Ireland is another wealthy country featured in fifth position of this article. Research shows that it has gained most of its wealth and investments from high level of taxing in salaries of its citizens. Paying tax to the government is all people should practice a strict thing in this nation ad. Ireland has a good economy that is growing very fast compared to other countries worldwide. Several sectors have highly developed in this amazing country. Some of these sectors are prosperity, food, education and many others.

6. Sweden

Sweden is in sixth position of this article ad is amongst developed countries worldwide. This is due to its high rate of paying tax. People from this amazing country in fact are enjoying economy of this place that is growing at high rate. I suggest that all other countries worldwide should copy this good example from other developed countries such as Sweden. To mention a few things about it, Sweden is a popular country, which is located to the northern part of Europe. Salaries of employees from Sweden are taxed before it reaches their hands. This is a good way of getting what belong to government.

7. Denmark

Denmark is another popular country from southern part of Europe and is considered among many others found in that place. Copenhagen is capital city of Denmark. Ruling currency of this amazing country is Danish Krone. Denmark has many levels of tax, which include local and state tax. Both of them are featured differently and way at which they are earned is not the same. It is due to this high tax that has brought Denmark to class of developed countries. People from this place are living happily despite fact that they are charged highly in terms of tax.

8. Netherlands

Netherlands is a developed country that is featured in many articles for many reasons. There are many things to note about this beautiful country. Some of these things are tourism attraction sites, high courts and many others. Tax that is practiced in this fantastic country is extremely high compared to those featured in several positions above. Netherlands is a highly populated country. Government of this nation decided that their tax be raised at least to be able to cater of countries requirements. Currently, Holland is one of largest exporters of food and other agricultural products that are need by other nations worldwide.

9. Belgium


Belgium is amongst highest tax paying countries hence featured in ninth position of this article. It belongs to Soviet Union and holds a population of approximately 11 million people. Belgium is rich and developed. This is always achieved by their rate of paying task. Levels of taxes that are practiced by Belgium are income tax, corporate tax, social security tax, value added tax and local level taxes. Various countries worldwide are now practicing these forms of taxes to help them achieve what this fantastic nation has achieved.

10. Austria

This popular country is found in Europe and speaks German language. Many things can be used to describe this beautiful country. Some of these features are common to many people and they are imperial history, mountainous villages and natural terrains. It is featured in tenth position of this article and is one of highest tax paying countries worldwide. In not only paying tax but also high living standard is experienced in Austria. Maximum tax for an individual in this country is 50% for every purchase made.

You are now fully equipped with information concerning highest tax paying countries all over the world. According to my observation from above listing, most of these countries are located in Europe. Only one of them is from Asia. It is good for a country to pay tax. Hope you like the article and if you have any query then please leave your valuable comment.

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