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Top 10 Most Evil And Dangerous Criminals of All Time

Top 10 Most Evil And Dangerous Criminals of All Time: Being evil and dangerous doesn’t necessarily mean being a killer. Plenty of people throughout history have done massive amounts of damage to others without ever lifting a gun or even striking another in anger. The act of being evil can be to trick, deceive, and even defraud another for personal gain. Murderers are undeniably evil, but their acts are often committed with passion and unrestrained anger, meaning that few of them are ever fully controlled in their actions and would later on greatly repent of what they have done. The individuals on this list have no such compunction, and have never once expressed any hint of emotion that might have made anyone think twice about what kind of person they were. With that said, here are the top ten most evil and dangerous criminals of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Evil And Dangerous Criminals of All Time

1. Joaquin Guzman

It might shock and amaze some people to see a drug lord make the list of world’s billionaires in Forbes magazine, but many an intelligence agency would attest that they are itching for the day that they can finally meet the man face to face, if only to slap a pair of silver cuffs over his wrists. His power is bolstered by the fact that he owns the most influential and powerful drug corporation in all of Mexico. For those who love him, Guzman is the archetypal Robin Hood as despite his continual illegal and illicit business ventures, he still contributes a great deal to social welfare and seeks to look out for his people.

2. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

Kaskar is the inspiration behind the underworld them of Bollywood and also the owner of D-Company. His crimes began to escalate after he murdered the Godfather of Mumbai’s crime organization back in the 1980’s, a man known as Karim Lala. Eventually he became the terror that ran the streets of Bombay, becoming the boss in 1993. Ironically enough Kaskar was born the son of a policeman. During his criminal career he swiftly became the bane of many an intelligence agency. Ruthless, driven, and willing to do most anything to get what he wants, Kaskar is a calculating and wily individual who seems to enjoy his position immensely.

3. Pedro Antonio Marin

Somewhat ambitious, Marin is known as Tirofijo, and is the beginner of FARC, which is in essence a terrorist organization that is based largely on Marxist doctrine. Marin designed this organization to be involved with drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, murder, and other various criminal activities. FARC has a military that answers to no one else but its own leaders and thousands those who support the organization. Their main targets are primarily the politics, economics, and even the military might of Colombia. Marin is a ruthless man and a leader that will stop at virtually nothing to get what he wants and believes is owed to him.

4. Felicien Kabuga

Criminals do not need to be dirty or come from nothing to be absolutely evil. Kabuga is a prominent businessman and possesses millions, making him one of the richest people in Rwanda. He is also one of the most reviled as his actions include the Rwandan genocide that occurred in 1994. This event claimed the lives of approximately eight hundred thousand people, and was among the most hellish acts ever committed in human history. He is also highly involved and responsible for funding many other illicit acts that are just as vile if not on such a large scale.

5. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov

Once a famous footballer, Alimzhan eventually made his way to Moscow where it became less about competition and more about becoming the big dog on the gambling scene where the stakes were much higher. Since then he has become the head of an organized crime syndicate, taken up arms dealing, engaged in smuggling, and attempted a slew of other notorious activities that have put him on the radar of law enforcement agencies. He describes himself as a community worker, a successful businessman, and even a patron of the arts. There is no doubt that evil can wear a very innocent title when it so desires.

6. Joseph Kony

The founder and leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Kony has run the gamut of evil deeds in his attempt to be a thorn in the side of the Ugundian government. He has stopped at nothing to make his voice heard, harming whomever he must and doing whatever he feels necessary in order to make his point known . He has been guilty of such acts as rape, enslavement, kidnapping, cruel and unusual acts with civilians, and even murder. If there is a bit of evil he has not committed on the path he has trod to get his way, there is no sign of it.

7. Matteo Messina Denaro

Hailing from the old country, Denaro was known more frequently as the “boss of all bosses”. He became known as a man of expensive tastes and young girls that are meant to adore him. Having been born into “the family”, Denaro’s path was clear from the moment he picked up a gun at the young age of 14. Showing absolutely no remorse and no regard for anyone other than those closest to him, Denaro is without a doubt one of the most disturbing entries on this list as his exploits are said to have filled an entire cemetery worth of bodies. In fact, he has been found to be quite proud of this rumor.

8. Al Capone

Capone came from virtually nothing to rule over his own empire as he rose to success on the backs of those he claimed to serve. His exploits are the stuff of criminal legend and his crimes, such as gambling, extortion, prostitution, and the protection rackets were well known even by law enforcement, but Capone was smart enough to pay the right people to look the other way. He also had a rather explosive temper that was felt all too often by his associates and those that had wronged him in some way. To cross Capone was to ink one’s own death sentence.

9. James “Whitey” Bulger

A truly diabolical individual, Bulger was known to be relentless and absolutely heartless during his time. He was a great history buff and was an avid fan of Adolf Hitler, and made the FBI’s most wanted list around 1995. His many crimes, those that he was arrested for, include theft, forgery, armed robbery, and assault. Bulger was known to be rather vicious and didn’t often suffer anyone who rubbed him the wrong way without gaining some form of payback. It was also widely known that he was a often in a very beneficial relationship with several gangsters in his day.

10. Omid Tahvili

Tahvili was a highly influential individual within a large crime organization based in Iran. At the height of his notoriety he was found guilty of mail fraud, telemarketing fraud, wire fraud, and abetting. Despite being incarcerated at a high-security prison he managed to escape in 2007 after bribing a guard to let him go. At the current moment he is still believed to be at large somewhere in Europe or the Middle East. He has become quite adept at dodging more than a few intelligence agencies and has retained his position as an operator for an international crime organization.

These above are the Top 10 Most Evil And Dangerous Criminals of All Time until 2017. There might be many who were left off of this list that might have seemed perfect in terms of being evil, but they were evil for a moment or two, or for even longer. These men seemed to be born to be evil, and more than this, they have shown absolutely no remorse for the acts they commit.

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