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Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever

Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever: In the entertainment industry especially the music category, you will find that you will easily identify a certain singer by even hearing them hum in their songs. This is because they have unique voices. They have been famous all over the world, as everyone loves their songs all over the world. One unique thing about their voices, no one can easily imitate their voices or even impersonate them. Since every singer strives to make their voices known to their fans. Check out below the list of the top ten unique singing voices ever.

List of Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever

1. Michael Jackson

He was a music legend may his soul rest in peace. You will love everything about his songs starting from the unique dance style and unique and soothing voice. He sang songs that focused on almost all the areas of life. His dance style was one of his greatest invention as it is danced many years after he died and left a big gap in the industry that will not have someone to fill it in a long time.

2. Amy Lee

She is just incredible in whatever she does in her songs. She is one of the female stars that have led audiences on their feet dancing to her songs. She was best known for her live studio recordings and used her voice to ensure that the words are delivered as they were intended. She has been attributed to training composers and pianist. She was also the lead singer on the Arkansas band.

3. John Lennon

H is one of the versatile singer. All the songs he has sang have led to him being very high rated. The reason why almost all of his songs are hit songs is simply because he has the best and most unique voice ever. He is the cofounder of the world famous and successful band, Beatles. Though his voice never leaved for long as he was assassinated at the age of 40, his voice is still being listened to in the music that he had sung before dying. He was also one of the best songwriters.

4. Adele

She is the voice behind the song Hallo from the Other Side. She is famously known as Adele as her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She is very good at singing and at writing very beautiful songs that have a message for all kinds of audiences. She has international hit songs like Rolling in the Deep and Someone like You. She has recorded several studio albums throughout her entire singing career. She is also very beautiful and she never fails to encourage you to dance once you listen to her beautiful voice in her songs.

5. Madonna

She is not only the best and unique singers but also one of the most remarkably celebrated stars of all time. Madonna has sang so many songs that have touched on the lives of different individuals in the world. She has a very pleasant yet entertaining personality, which has led to her fame all over the world. She has been ranked amongst the most beautiful singers of all times because of her outstanding beauty. She does not only use her voice to sing for you, but also uses it to help the poor in Africa. She is a great personality.

6. Yesung

He is a South Korean actor and singer. This is one of the superstars who has used his unique talent in a special way of ensuring that you are kept entertained. His voice has been known all over the world, not only in the pop world. He has sang a great variety of songs, which has distinguished him amongst the other singing stars. He is a member of the South Korean boy band by the name Super Junior. His voice is full of superiority, emotion and distinction.

7. Kurt Cobain

It is true when they say that music can influence the world. Kurt Cobain who has been one of the most influential singers of all times has proved this. He is the one who brought into existence the grunge band, Nirvana. He was one of the greatest voices. He was a rock legend back in the 90s. The reason why I say he is a legend is because he decided to take his own life at his home. His soul and sweet voice rest in eternal peace.

8. Freddie Mercury

He is a Tanzania born who moved to Britain and became a British singer, producer and one of the lead vocalist for the Queen Rock band. He is not only one of the few guys who possesses amazing voices, but he is considered as one of the famous songwriters. He is very good when he takes the mic and gets on stage to entertain you with his amazing voice. You will not miss to enjoy the songs that have been composed and sang by this singer.

9. Ryeowook

When you talk of unique singing voices, you cannot miss to mention this guy. He has one of the unique voices that will send you on your feet singing to his lovely songs. His voice is quite impressive and it has been considered as one of the few that will ignite a sense of excitement in you. He has done several songs about celebrities and it is pretty a good job he has done over there. He is one of the best.

10. Sonu Nigam

The first unique voice that will start our list today is this Bollywood star singer, Sonu Nigam. He is one of the best in the entertainment industry in India. He has sang o many romantic songs, which are very lovely and have been loved by most of her fans. His voice is very unique, that is has not found someone who can easily impersonate it. He is one of the self-made and versatile singers from India who have established their place in the Bollywood entertainment industry.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten unique singing voices ever. All the voices that came from the legends that are mentioned above all loved by many. Some of these voices are long gone, but their music still lives on. Hope you like the article and if you have any query then please leave a valuable comment. Until then, Take care. Bye.

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