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Top 10 Most Mysterious Places In The World

In the world that we are living, we are facing many mysteries that even the best of scientist cannot solve or even give a valid explanation. There are several places on this earth that if you were taken without being shown how you got there, you will claim to have been taken into a very different planet. If you love mystery, then you are in the right place where you will get information about several mysterious places on earth. Check out below a list of the top ten World’s most mysterious places. You will be surprised to hear that some of these places exist on earth.

List of Top 10 Most Mysterious Places In The World

1. Cano Cristales, Colombia

Cano Cristales, Colombia

This is a river. But not the only river, this is because of the mysterious things that happens on it. It is located in Serrenia de la Macerana in Columbia. During the months of September and November, the river transforms into a wash of colors. Colors that appear are blue, green, yellow and pink. This appearance has been attributed to the type of flora growing on the riverbed. This is a mystery.

2. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

This is a triangular area between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. This is one known mysteries. On the news, you will hear reports about the disappearance of planes and people at this place. It has not been explained how this occurrences appeared. Several explanations have been given but none of them explains it. It is the only triangle that mathematician have not solved.

3. Mount Roraima, Brazil

Mount Roraima, Brazil

Brazil is a country that is famous for several structures like the Stature of Christ. This mountain is not like the other types of mountains because, instead of ending as a peak at the top it has a large plateau at the top. The best explanation is that it was created because of winds and rains. It is one of the oldest geographical structures. There are clouds at the top of the plateau that is quite unusual.

4. Travertine Pools of Pamukkale, Turkey

Travertine Pools of Pamukkale, Turkey

This mysterious place has been appreciated in Turley for almost two hundred years. It came about as a result of travertine mineral deposits building up in a hot spring which created a series of beautiful white terraces. It has some natural pools that are white in color and the water in them is clear blue. They are a mysterious that will remain so for quite a long time. It is a pride for the Turkey natural resources department.

5. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Richat Structure, Mauritania

This is the eye of the Sahara. It is located in the Sahara Desert. It is a 30 miles wide circular geographical structure, you will not be able to see this unless you are at an aerial view position. Several explanations have been given about its existence, one is a result of volcanic eruption while another is an asteroid impact. It is a mystery because the rings on the circular structure are of equidistant and it is nearly a perfect circle. It is still even though many have tried to explain it.

6. Moguicheng, China

Moguicheng, China

The name of this place literally means the City of Satan. It is one of the desert in the world and it is located in Xinjiang region in China. Some travelers, who have gone through this desert to an old abandoned town, have reported that they have seen and experienced some strange things. Some of these things include baby crying, plucking of guitar string and mysterious sound in the breeze. No one of them ever explained the origin of this sounds that they hear.

7. Leptis Magna, Libya

Leptis Magna, Libya

For those who do not know, Libya is one of the African countries that were once inhabited by the Roman Empire. The Leptis Magna is a ruin of the Roman people. It is located about 80 mile east of Tripoli. Several tourists from all over the world have visited Libya to see with their own eyes this mysterious place. This is one of the most spectacular architectural ruins on this earth. For the lovers of history, this is a mystery that you should try and explain.

8. Aokigahara, Japan

Aokigahara, Japan

Japan is one of the mysterious countries on this earth. This is yet another mysterious place that is found at Mount Fuji, a well-renowned in Japan. It is about 3500 hectares of forestland. The reason it has fallen into this list is the gnarled and twisted trees and it was reported as home for ghosts, spirits and demons that from the surrounding areas. This place will not be the best to visit if you fear ghosts and demons and because it has been recorded as the second most popular death spot on earth. More than 500 people have committed suicide in this place.

9. Fly Geyser, United States

Fly Geyser, United States

It is located in the Nevada Desert. This collection of three very large and colorful mounds shoots about five feet of water into the air. You will find an imitation of these in luxurious places. This place came to existence due to an accident that happened during a well drilling in 1916, at first did not worked well until in 1960 when geothermal heated water began spurting out of the well. With time, several dissolved minerals built up and turned into one of the most mysterious places on this planet.

10. Underwater Ruins, Japan

Underwater Ruins, Japan

Ending our list are the underwater ruins in Japan. Yes, I said underwater ruins. These century old ruin lies at the bottom of the Ocean in the southern coast of Yonaguni. This place is so mysterious that even scientist has not found an appropriate name to give it. It was first discovered by a stray diver, he did dive to look for this place in 1995 but ended being the first person to see these ruins. Initially, when they were discovered the explanation given was a geographical phenomenon but it was later discovered that they are of a man made in nature.

So, these are the top ten most mysterious places on earth. These places have not even been explained how they came into existence by the best knowledge on earth. We can just say that nature took its course.

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