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Top 10 Safest Countries in The World

Top 10 Safest Countries in The World: For development to come to a reality, peace should be on its highest level. Many countries nowadays know that very well but to make it come to a reality, is a great problem. That is the reason why many countries are lagging back because when it comes to development. Some of the countries have known that concept very well. That is why they have grown to become great economic powers.

List of the most of the most peaceful and safest countries 2017.

1. Iceland

This is the country that tops the list of being the safest. It has topped the list six times in row. This is a clear indicator that the country has greatly developed when it comes to infrastructure. We all know that where there is peace there is development. In Iceland, that is not an exception. There are very few homicide cases and the number of people in jail are very few.

2. Denmark

Apart from being one of the most peaceful countries in the world, this country is known to be the happiest country in the world. This country’s happiness is brought about by the peaceful coexistence of the people. The peace has attracted very many people in the country and foreign investors have come making it grow and become very rich. Conflicts are unheard of in the country and that is how this country has grown to become what it is today.

3. Australia

Are you retired and you are looking for a perfect place to visit? Or are you thinking of a place to take your children for their holidays? Then look no further. The country is a perfect destination for you. This is because of the most paramount reason. It is very safe. Besides having a very peaceful environment, the country has very welcoming people and from them, you get to enjoy very god cultures that the people have. It has great infrastructure. That includes the roads, the facilities for health care. The citizens have learnt the art of showing respect to any person and this makes you feel at home from the word go. Young students love going to this country because it offers high quality education. Try visiting the country and you will know what am saying.

4. New Zealand

The country may be known to have very nice places to do activities like adventure travel. Another thing you forget about this country is the view of its beaches. Conflicts that are internal or external are things that have been forgotten. The country is visited by very many tourists because it is known to be a very safe place to visit.

5. Portugal

This country is known to be very beautiful and the cost of living is very low. This is because of the peaceful coexistence among people. Lisbon, which is a City in Portugal was the most underestimated city in the continent of Europe when it came to peace and safety. But the truth of the matter is that the country is very peaceful. This has made it to grow to become a very rich country. The infrastructure of this country is exquisite. This has been brought by the peace in the country.

6. Czech Republic

This is a new country that is known to attract very many tourists from all corners of the world. Because it is new the country has tried its level best to ensure it is peaceful for foreigners to come and invest. That is why it has reached the extent of being referred to as a very safe country. Because of the peace, the living standards are very low, the system of transport in this country is very developed and this has enhanced attraction of toursts in the country.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is known to be neutral country that will just impress you if you just pay a visit to it. This aspect of being neutral has made the country to be very peaceful and with this peace the country has developed to be one of the economic powers. It is said to have no external or internal conflicts. The peaceful state of the country has enhanced projects that will make this country very rich. One of the projects include a tunnel that is longest in the world.

8. Canada

You may think that the United States which is the neighbour, is more peaceful. The truth of the matter is that Canada has very minimal criminal activities and weapon acquisition cases as compared to the US. That is why the country is said to be safer. The people are very friendly and you will just enjoy visiting its cities like the well-known Toronto.

9. Japan

When it comes to cases of homicides and access to weapons, Japan has been ranked as one of the country with very little cases of that sort. As for people who love to travel, the country has seen to it that transport systems have improved especially the railway transport network. The transport system has seen to it that very many people visiting the country so as to improve the tourist sector.

10. Slovenia

This is a country known to have very little activities for criminals. The number of criminal cases is very low and conflicts from within are unheard of. This is because of the police who have worked tooth and nail to stop such issues. Their presence around the country’s streets have made the citizens be assured of peace and feel safe. These is making the country to develop at a very high rate. Explorers who are looking for gems are assured of peace. They have therefore done their work very well.

These countries have not only proven to be very safe. They have also proven that development goes hand in hand with peace. That is the reason why most of the developed countries are very peaceful and they continue to develop more and more.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to add/replace any country in this list then please leave a valuable comment.

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