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Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever

Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever: Reality TV has extended from cooking shows to talent shows to game shows to dating shows to basically, any imaginable topic. The success of first reality show Survivor aired in 1999 spawned hundreds of these shows. Reality TV can be considered as one of the best and at the same time the worst things to happen to television. Some have become huge hits, but others should not have even made it on air. These are the top 10 worst reality TV shows ever.

List of Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Ever

10. Buckwild

Heavily touted as the next “Jersey Shore” MTV initially thought that it would be a success. The show was about a group of drunk and wild teens and early 20s from West Virginians. It did not elicit the same interest as its predecessor.

9. Jack ass

People should never be rewarded for behaving like idiots, but unfortunately, these guys were. No one knows how and why this “Jackass” became as big as this show did. There was hardly any entertainment in the crude, self-injuring and dangerous pranks and stunts in this TV show. The guys involved were being paid for behaving like careless morons. Some young people did hurt themselves while trying to copy what this careless moron did on the show. The result of this horror show was equally stupid shows doing well on box office and people involved in Jackass finding more job on television after the show ended.

8. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

One of the most unoriginal reality series to ever air on television I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here is a combination of “Big Brother” and “Survivor.” The only difference between it and the other two is that it uses Z list celebrities. These wannabe celebrities do take part in completely unoriginal challenges. How this show has made it to the 14th season is beyond us. For about ten seasons now this show would have done with a makeover. The show is not worth your time.

7. Living Lohan

Fresh out of rehab Lindsay Lohan refused to take part in the show. This made this show mostly feature Dina the family matriarch, trying to help Ali her youngest daughter break into show business. The other two kids Michael and Condy got less screen time compared with Dina and Ali. This show was savaged by the critics making it worse as many people were even not into it. Entertainment Weekly Gillian Flynn gave the show an F grade and the Tv show was also bashed by Anderson Cooper. Cooper stated that “I cannot believe I am wasting a minute of my life watching these horrific people.

6. Britney & Kevin: Chaotic

Critics predicted Britney Spears career would be ruined by this reality show. This show how bad Britney & Kevin: Chaotic was. Though wrong about the career ruin the show did paint Britney in a very negative way. It’s very obvious that they wanted to enjoy the same success Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey did enjoy in “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.” However, this show turned out to be a total wreck and was not helped by nauseating camera angles and explicit content. The reality show is not worth your time.

5. LeAnn & Eddie

One of the worst ideas ever is to try to prove wrong those people criticizing you using a reality show. LeAnn & Eddie is a reality TV show that tries to change people’s negative perception of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Everyone knows that to accomplish this, you simply take a step back and stop engaging with your haters and the media. LeAnn and Eddie have other ideas. The TV show does not have the appeal or an audience expected of a normal reality show making it not to be considered a success. The show is not worth anyone’s time and would be a surprise if renewed for a second season.

4. Being Bobby Brown

No one seems to understand why Whitney Houston agreed to be part of this train wreck. While Browns star was fading for almost a decade, Whitney was a bona fide star before landing this TV show. Brown was unable to reach an agreement with Bravo to continue with season two after Whitney refused to be involved in the second season. Undoubtedly this reality TV show is one of the most disgusting shows to make their way into television.

3. Toddlers and Tiaras

This TV show teaches small girls inappropriate ways to have attention and sexualizes these young girls. It is morally wrong at all levels. Children as young as three years old are dressed up like prostitute played in pretty women by Julia Roberts. Making kids wear heels and hooker makeup shows how these children mothers are willing to stoop so low. Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Nancy Irwin does tell these girls parents to assume responsibility for sexualizing their girls and putting them at risk.

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

One Hollywood reporter did pronounce the show as horrifying and a car crash. This reality TV show is one of the worst ever to grace our televisions. It only serves to mock and exploit a small town in the south while perpetuating stereotypes which are offensive about what life is like in this town. Mama June’s family is portrayed as a family of simple country people, but the show portrays all other individuals in the town as lacking manners painting a bad picture of everyone else.

1. True Tori

It’s normal for people to enjoy a nice cheating scandal. However, if this scandal involves a reality TV show “True Tori” featuring Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott then the joy and excitement quickly vanish. Why this show was given an opportunity for the second season is beyond comprehension. This show is all about Tori Spelling punishing McDermott for being unfaithful. Tori don’t have the strength to choose divorce as is the typical case for many women but rather obsesses about Dean’s infidelity. Their sex life is exposed too much to the audience. McDermott did end up dropping out of this awful show a few episodes into the second season. Unsurprisingly the punishment apparently became too much as she was successful in making him feel really bad. This couple should grant what everyone was hoping for and just get a divorce.

People were not interested in wild and drunken adventures of these small town kids. A Hollywood reporter, critic this show saying that it offers nothing new to the audience and it is not interesting hence not worth any person time. This show added nothing people had not seen already. Hope you like this article and if you have any suggestion then please leave your valuable comment. Take care, bye.

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